Sunday, July 20, 2008

Emily in Argentina

Hola!!!! Oh my goodness I am IN LOVE WITH ARGENTINA!!! Everything about it! My family is PERFECT for me! My little sister is the cutest thing in the whole WORLD!! She always asks me what I´m doing and what I want to do and I want to take her home with me! jaja Mi hermano Juan is so sweet and understanding as well. Mi madre is really nice and funny and sweet and I love her. My dad isn´t home a lot because he is a lawyer and doesn´t get home until late, but he is so sweet and has a smile that is priceless. :) I love it here! We live in a condo- type apartment that is very modern and nice, 7th floor with a balcony :) We live in the middle of the city, so the view from all windows is SO gorgeous. Read more.

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