Monday, July 21, 2008

Allison: Adjusting from Iceland to Pennsylvania

So, I've been home for a couple of weeks now. What's it like to be home? In truth, it is quite strange. Things here are much more overwhelming and complicated. There is more of everything; more choices, more channels, more buildings, more people, more varieties...more of anything. I didn't turn on the television at all during my first week home. I was too intimidated...still take my shoes off when entering a home, I still feel the urge to greet people with a kiss on the cheek, "hæ hæ" are the words that leave my mouth but everyone mistakes them for "hi hi," afsakid is not vacating my vocabulary any time soon, and takk fyrir mig begs to escape my mouth after every meal. I accidently drink water from the tap all the time only to be horribly disappointed as it is neither ice cold nor clean and fresh. America simply kicks my butt on a daily basis. Read more.

AFS offers year programs to Iceland.

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