Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"foreignlauren's Life in Belgium:" Lauren Blogs about Belgium


It was the week for city trips! Spring break is here and I've had tons of fun!! I started the week doing homework and giving English lessons and saw a couple movies. Wednesday night a friend came over and my host sister and I made dinner and we all watched a movie. Thursday morning my friend and I went to Brussels for the day and toured around. We spent most of the day in a museum of musical instruments. They gave us headphones when we got there and then you walk around and everytime you pass the different displays infared technology sends signals to your headphones and you can here the noises the instruments was lots of fun. It was rainy in Brussels so we didn't do too much outside but I saw a few touristy places throughout the city. Friday morning I left the house at quarter to seven on my way to Paris. I got to Paris late morning and met Jeanine there. We stayed one night and had tons of fun... read more

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