Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tess Blogs about Italy

Everything is really good in my new host family I'm really enjoying myself and getting to know all of them. School starts again tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it back to chemistry, physics, italian, math, english and biology. I think in three weeks I have exams and then my report card. Over the last month my italian has gotten so much better in my dreams now Im speaking on both english and italian I've started reading novels in italian I really believe I will be fluent by the time I leave. Over the break if I have learned one thing its that every celebration is just another excuse to stuff ourselves with amazing food. I think I have eaten enough panettone and pandoro to last a lifetime. My new family is amazing and warm and loving and I'm so happy to be beginning a new year with them :)
tanti auguri,

AFS offers year, semester and summer programs to Italy.


Darcy said...

To anyone currently studying abroad in Italy or anyone who has studied in Italy:

I want to go to Italy in my sophomore year of high school (09-10). Why did YOU choose Italy, and how old were you when you went? (Did you feel ready?) What were you expecting, and how was what happened different from your expectations? How was your host family? Did you have chores? Did you ever fight with them? Did you have siblings, pets? What city in Italy in? How was your local AFS chapter- did they help you out? How was your high school? Did you make friends easily? Did you have any trouble with teachers? Were there many other exchange students at your school? Was there a lot of homework and studying to be done? What is the school system like there- how long does school last every day? Was learning the language difficult, or did you pick it up easily? How long did you go for? What was a particularly memorable experience? What were your biggest "ups and downs"? Are you glad you went?

Thanks so much. Tell me anything and everything - I'm very curious.

Kelda said...

I'm not in Italy, but I'm about an hour away from it, and have lots of friends from S├╝dtirol (northern state of italy).

I was 17 when I left, cried my eyes out weeks before I left, but generally felt as ready as I was ever going to feel (not very).
Every exchange is different, and I suggest you go and talk to someone from your AFS chapter who has been to somewhere in Europe (I know that Austria has a lot of similarities to Italy).
I'd had two months of german lessons before I came here, and now I speak fluently. Not Perfect, but people mistake me for being native sometimes (yuss!)
but yeah. Go talk to someone in person! I'm sure they'll have lots to tell!
Viel Gluck!