Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Musings on Ice:" Allison Blogs about Iceland

On Saturday we woke up not having any real plans for the day. We thought maybe we would go down to the beach but other than that nothing definite. Instead after breakfast Rebecca's dad and uncle decided we would go snowmobiling. It was pretty much the most amazing thing. Ever. We spent around three hours going up and down mountains and around fjörds. The West Fjörds were carved out by glaciers so the tops of the mountains are all flat. This makes it quite easy to get around by snowmobile. It's hard to tell that you're on top of a mountain because it just looks like a big icy, tundra field. I wasn't really all that scared. It was just really really fun. I have a DVD of the whole thing, thanks to Rebecca's dad, if anyone's interested. It's actually quite funny to watch. My legs were so sore after the fact more

AFS offers year programs to Iceland.

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