Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Paul, why South Africa?

Ever since I went abroad to the South Pacific with People to People in the summer of '06, I've been wanting to experience more. My hunger for travel and living with other cultures has never left me. So, I've decided to study abroad with AFS. Where you ask? South Africa. People always ask me, "why South Africa?", and I say, "because, it's off the beaten path". Now this was no easy decision to make - I had to fill out a massive application, plus figure out how I was to raise the entire tuition - nearly $9,000 - by myself. Plus living away from home for a semester seems really hard, but at the same time it looks like an incredible experience. So anyway, I had to sell the idea to my parents - haha...not an easy task. Finally once I persuaded them, I applied for the AFX scholarship for merit and won $1,000 (thanks Mrs. Brown!!!), along with a local scholarship of $550 (thanks Anne!!!), and a program discount of $250 (thanks AFS-USA!!!), which helps tremendously. Along with this I'm working a part-time job at Knapps downtown, babysitting, fundraising, and working with corporate sponsors - *sigh*. It's exhausting, but totally worth it. Read more.

AFS offers year, semester and summer programs to South Africa.

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