Tuesday, August 5, 2008

AFSer Chelsea Prepping for France

I'm going to Liginiac! Which (as google searches tell me)is a leeetttle tiny town (and by little I mean 630 inhabitants) in the city of Ussel, in Correze, in the province of Limousin, in France!!! And according to these websites, Limousin the 2nd least populated region in France! I was surprised when I saw the address AFS gave me, because it's nothing like "600 Rue de Lafayette" or something like that. It's actually "Chateau de Mareges." So they live in a chateau? WOW! I searched it in google (that amazing google..haha) and I got pictures of a castle-like place, advertising it as a holiday property.. Read more.

AFS offers year and semester programs to France.

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