Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tori in Malaysia

Last week I did two things that I think would give me high points on participation at a foreign school: I gave a speech that was partly in Malay, and I auditioned for the main character in the drama play. Everyone loved the speech- I gave them a few lines to laugh at- AND I am going to drama practice everyday after school playing the main role. The play is an Indian version of Cinderella called "Ramasamy". Ya, ya, I know... I'm playing a guy's role. But, hey, it's not like there's a guy that goes to the school who can do it. (Remember, I go to an all-girl school)

Tomorrow, I'm going to my friend, Terry's house to sleep over.(she's Chinese) She's planning on taking me all around Ipoh, showing me "old town" and taking me to a big night market. I'm excited about that, and this Saturday there is going to be a Hindu Harvest festival called "Ponggal Festival". I'm getting an Indian outift to wear. It's called a saree...Read more.

AFS offers year programs to Malaysia.

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