Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ashley Blogs about Japan

So after flying for about an hour we landed in Nagoya! IT was so cool but I was too tired to care I was in Japan until I saw all the neat signs! I took pictures but we:re about to eat so I:ll post later. ANd sorry if there:s any errors it`s hard to use a japanese keyboard...So anyway we took a Japanese style bath before bed which is a whole story in it`s own believe me then headed to bed on futons. WAking up in Japan felt so surreal! I loved it but then the orientation bored me to death and I kind of didn`t care about anything but sleep until I met my host family.

My sister Mika was very cool and we communicated slowly but it still was very fun. My mother also tries very hard to speak to me too and she`s taught me a lot. I love them all and I especialy love how they`ve treated me. It was the first day and I already feel like we`re family. Although yesterday wasn`t all good we went to eat sushi and I ended up being sick all night...but I guess that`s because I`m not yet okay with the transition of foods. Read more.

Anyway talk to you later! Ja matta ne.

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