Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Leaving on a Jet Plane": Cate Blogs about France


I had to put that title in, just for Mom. :-)

And the time has come at last: tomorrow I'm going to NYC for the Gateway orientation. From there, I will travel nonstop NYC to Paris on Thursday night, then spend a few days in Paris before a bus takes me and some other AFSers to southern France to meet our families.

Right now, there are 500 billion emotions all kind of whirling around my head. I'm scared and ecstatic and nervous and... I don't know. Everything. In a way, it's kind of surreal, too. I mean, it's a little odd to think that I just saw my best friends for the last time in 10 months and this is the last time I'll sleep in my room until I get home. As time goes on in France, I know that I'll make friends and I'll become comfortable in my new house. I really do know that, in theory. The actually believing it thing is what's a little hard to deal with right now.

It's getting really late now, and I have to get some sleep before tomorrow!

AFS offers year, semester and summer programs to France.

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