Thursday, May 28, 2009

AFS Exchange Student Hailey: Munchin' on Mangoes in the Dominican Republic


It is totally mango season here. In Alaska mangoes cost bucketloads, but here there are millions of trees along the sides of roads and you can find them nearly everywhere, and free. My host mom said that with the money that a mango costs in the U.S. someone could buy a mango tree here. Or maybe two. So we have a huge basket full of mangoes in my house and I eat two or three a day..... :D and we have a mango tree, too, and a cherry tree and a guanabana tree (please don´t ask me what that is in English) that´s this weird looking green fruit with spiney things, and it´s white on the inside and has seeds that look like black almonds. Read more.

AFS offers year programs to the Dominican Republic

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