Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AFSer Hannah: 8 Questions about Paraguay

Last week I got letters and pictures from the Pitrof kids- my host family thinks they're adorable. So to start off this entry, I'll answer the questions they asked in their letters.

Do you like your new home?
Yes, I do. My house is between the center of town and the countryside, so I'm close to both. There are currently 8 of us living in the house, so it's a pretty big change, but I like it. Mostly, I like our yard though. Growing in the yard we have grapes, avocados, grapefruits, limes, apples, and a few fruits I haven't figured out the names of yet.

How's the food?
The food here is actually pretty good. It's pretty similar to US food, with slightly different ingredients and very different names. In the morning, breakfast is usually chocolate milk or coffee and bread. Lots of times we have snacks at the school's cantina, maybe a half-sandwich, some cookies, or an empanada. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day, and is a lot like dinner in the US. Usually there's some kind of grain (rice, pasta, mbeyu, borĂ­, sopa paraguaya) with some sort of meat or vegetable and mandioca. We have merienda in the late afternoon. It's usually a lot like breakfast, except maybe with a bananaor yogurt. Dinner is really late, and we almost never eat it during the week. On weekends, I usually go out to eat with friends for dinner. Read more.

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Anita said...

Being in Chile, it's really interesting to hear about the types of food that we have here - like empanadas, and how they're different in other South American countries! I enjoy reading the AFS blog when I have time :) my exchange blog is