Friday, February 13, 2009

AFSer Veronica: Not-so-Pink Flamingoes in Hungary

WOW! Yesterday was so awesome! So, I'm in a little village near Székesfehérvar at the moment. I got here on Friday night. I just took the bus. It's called Mór and it looks just like something out of "A Year in Provence," right down to the crazy neighbor whose name I can't remember. My host family has already taken me to so many places. We even went to Veszprém yesterday to an Állat Kert (zoo)! I also got to go to Balaton Tó yesterday, an ancient church (crypt and all), Balaton Füred, and to a funny Hungarian movie called Made in Hungaria! I don't know if its out in the US or not.

So, I now have evidence that paprika can be used for everything from food to dyeing flamingos pink. Read more.

AFS offers year, semester, and summer programs to Hungary.

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