Friday, January 16, 2009

AFSer Sarah: Burning Dolls in Ecuador

For New Year's Eve we went to Zamora. I really liked the way they celebrated New Year's. Everyone makes these "Muñecas" called Años Viejos of the bad things from the last year. Then at midnight, everyone lights fire to the big dolls in the streets or on the roofs (burning the bad things of the old year to make way for the new).

I´m getting along really well with my host mom now. Back in Piñas, school is almost over. it´s our last week. My friends are great. my closest friends are: Gabi, Monica, Fabiola and Anabel. They're goofy. Then of course the exchange students are great too. :) I really really love that the group of exchange students in my town are so close, like a second family. they´re all really great, like a big seccond family (AFS family) Read more.

AFS offers year, semester and summer programs to Ecuador.

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