Monday, November 17, 2008

AFSer Kendra: You Know You're an Exchange Student When...

I know that all the exchange students out there will understand exactly what they are saying and everyone else will be wondering .... "that's funny??" but here is a taste of the life of an exchange student everyone. While not all of these apply to me a lot of them still do and even if they don't there really funny to read. So I hope you all enjoy them:

You Know You're an Exchange Student When...

1) You spend a lot of time smiling, nodding, and pretending you understand what's going on.

2) Your dreams are bilingual.

3) You've tried so many different foods only because you can’t understand the person asking you what you want. You just nod your head, say "yes,” and pray that it tastes half-decent.

4) You're better than your teacher in your foreign language class.

5) You've said something like 'oh yes' or 'no thanks' only to have everyone laugh because your answer made no sense compared to the question.

6) You have gone in to greet someone with a handshake and found yourself being pulled into an awkward hug/double kiss on the cheek.

7) You sometimes walk around school during breaks to act like you're doing something because you don't see anyone you recognize and don't want to stand there awkwardly.

8) It becomes a habit to introduce yourself by saying: "I am from (country) and my name is (name)."

9) You actually got a high-five when you understood what someone said to you.

10) You do something wrong, people look at you weird, and your excuse is: "Well, that's how we do it in my country," even if it isn't. Read more.

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Nylah said...

uhmm YES!!! im always doing ALL of these.
also my english teacher says things like "she had a work"..
Nylah (Turkey)