Monday, October 6, 2008

AFSer Amy: First Snow in Iceland

So guess what, yesterday was only the 2nd of October, and guess what happened, it snowed!! My host family and I were about to sit down for dinner when they told me to look outside, so I was just like "uh what?" and then I looked at the ground and saw a white coating on the deck. And I stepped out from under the roof and there was snow falling! This is sooooo early for snow to start falling... apparently it is common for it to be like this in the West Fjords and Akureyri (both north), but not in Reykjav√≠k (where I am)...This morning I walked to the bus stop in the snow... well, it wasn´t snowing, but nobody shoveled the sidewalks so I walked through snow. It was so beautiful! Iceland looks like what I would think of when I hear the song "Winter Wonderland". Read more.

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