Sunday, September 28, 2008

AFSer Kendra: Starting School in Italy

My mamma, me, Sara (more about her later), Ele, and Claudio all went to the school so that I could meet the principal and my "tutor" the lady to help me at school if I have any problems with classes and such. Then on Monday September 15, 2008 (15/9/2008) I went for my first day of my Italian school. Me and Ele woke up a little early that morning so we were ready a long time before we had to be up. We waited at the house for Sara to arrive so that she could introduce me to my class. I went in the school with my whole family (well Ele and Claudio) and Sara introduced me to my new class that I would have in Italy for a year. It was really small and almost all girls I noticed. There are only about 13 kids in my class including me. The class was really nice to me. I really like them. Read more.

AFS offers year, semester, and summer programs to Italy.

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