Thursday, August 21, 2008

Katie Gets Ready for Germany with Congress-Bundestag

(A picture my host family sent me, all dressed up for a wedding)

Here's the deal:
On September 2, I leave Boston at 9h00 and arrive as Dulles Airport in DC at about 10h30. I meet up with the AFS volunteers and head for the conference center. The third, we're meeting with our Congressional Representatives (I don't actually get to meet mine, since she's going to be in NH the week I'm in DC. However, I get to tour her building and meet a lot of her staff.) The fourth, all of the other AFS-Germany kids will be joining us for orientation. Then, finally, on September 5, we fly into Frankfurt on a plane departing at 5h23. From there, we have another orientation. Then, I get to go meet my host family! Read more.

AFS offers year and semester programs to Germany.

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