Friday, August 29, 2008

Kallie Discovers the Beauty of Panama

Hey All! Well I have been pretty busy here in Panama, my family has been taking me lots of places and making sure I get to see lots of Panama. Life here is very relaxed, time is not such an issue and sleep well they do it in parts. There are a bunch of people that live in my neighborhood and every night they go out into the intersection and have a party, the intersection is right in front of my house and every one in my house is outside so I have been doing that and getting to know the neighbors well. The kids go play a game, last night they were playing soccer and jumping rope, and everyone sits around and talks and such. They all are very interested and want to hear all my stories of Alaska...although the language thing is still an issue so it often takes several tries to get any information across, however the Panamanians are very nice and don't give up. In my age group there are about 9 teenagers, 10 now with me. The Spanish is coming though! :-) Read more.

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