Thursday, May 8, 2008

Harry Says Goodbye to Argentina

Well here we are, we've arrived to the final chapter. Six months ago I would have said this date was a long way away. Little did I know how fast it would go. People had told me it would go fast, almost as many times as I'd told myself but you never really take it seriously. I've pretty much taken the philosophy of fitting as much in as I can and making sure I get all the definite to-do's done.

I've got my suitcase packed almost as full as the remaining 48 hours of my time in Mendoza. I have said good-bye to all the people I won't get a chance to see again. I've organised my last two weeks so that I spend a couple of days after my end of school trip hanging out with my brother at another beach then taking a bus to Buenos Aires to catch my plane on the 8th.

These last few weeks were pretty much as I expected, hanging out with friends and going to the pools. I've done all my shopping and tried not to waste too much money. Read more of Harry's blog

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Kelda said...

Aahhhh leaving is such a horrible, horrible thing to do. -tear-

what was it like leaving for other people? I'm off back home in six weeks... eek!

Laura. said...

It was... Hmm, well, by the time I left, I was pretty much at peace with the fact that I was going home. But two years later, I ache more than ever over having left.. It didn't hurt so much then, because it feels surreal, but now it's not so fun.