Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Caroline in Portugal

First I met Raven and Brittany in the Trindade Station. Johannes was apparently still in bed, so the three of us went to a café and had some coffees. When Johannes texted us, we met him in the Trindade Station and set out to find a place to eat lunch. We randomly stopped in the middle of the sidewalk sometimes because we kept getting turned around. Finally we found a small café/restaurant. I had a croissant and coke (their sodas are so much better here! And the croissant was basically the size of my head). Johannes was the only person who actually ordered food. His meal looked incredibly greasy…I’m not quite sure what it was even. I think it had steak, ham, cheese, bread, and a “specialsauce” (yep, one word on the menu). After finishing lunch we decided to make our way down to the Rio Douro. Read more of Caroline's blog.

AFS offers year and semester programs to Portugal.

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Kate said...

Portugal sounds neat:)