Sunday, April 27, 2008

What will you pack?

So...let's say you just got accepted by AFS for a year-long study abroad program in the country of your dreams. The next step is deciding what to pack. To make things interesting, let's say you can only bring 3 of your most prized possessions. What will you pack? Pictures of your dog? Your ipod? Your electric toothbrush? Click the comment link below to list your answers and see what others are saying.


Lauren said...

If I could only bring three things, I wouldn't go. But seeing as this is hypothetical...

1. my iPod
2. my english/german dictionary
3. my retainer

Because no one wants to be stuck in a foreign country with no language skills AND crooked teeth. Ew!

Kevin said...

If I could only pack three things on my abroad experience, hmmm.

a) Tennis Racket - Tennis is my passion, and I can't give it up.
b) Hiking Boots - I'm outdoorsy, cant do without these
c) Video Camera - I want to be able to document the magic.

Hopefully with my boots and my racket I can film some memorable stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

If I could only bring three items on my study abroad trip I would pick:

1)A dictionary of the local language
2)A camera/videorecorder
3)A map of the area(so I won't get lost and to know where all the good views are)

Andrew Green said...

1. My Frisbee
2. My Ipod
3. A Video Camera

1. "have frisbee, will travel"
2. I can't go a day without music
3. I'd like to bring those memories home

kenny said...

if I could bring 3 things I would bring:

1. my videogames
2. a translator for the contry I am visiting
3. a video camera

I chose those because i dont want my family to do something with my games, a camera will let me remember what a did there, and a translator will help me learn the language better.

Greta said...

1. A film camera: I like film pictures better than digital print.

2. Good walking shoes: some that won't wear out or give me blisters.

3. Band-aides: you never know, band-aides are useful!

Anonymous said...

My viola
A toothbrush
A journal

maggie said...

-my iPod...i LIVE for music!!!

-a spanish/english translator...i love the language, but am FAR from fluent

-my cell phone so i can keep in touch with my family and send them pictures of my adventures

Chelsea said...

I would bring...
1. french dictionary
2. my camera
3. a journal

who needs food? I mean, honestly!

River said...

I Would bring.....
#1. My Camera/video camera- I love taking pictures,and documenting my experiences!
#2. My Backpack- I carry it everywhere, it holds everything, I can go anywhere with it!
#3. My Converse- They are the best! A good pair of shoes can get you anywhere!

jasmine landry said...

1. a really nice camera
2. a laptop with lots of memory to upload pictures & keep in touch with people
3. a fedora. one can always hide a bad hair day with the right fedora.

alyssakate said...

okay so 3 things only. moms digital camera[it can take vids]
3.a huge wad of pocket money

a little different but it works =D

Anonymous said...

i would pack a pic of my family a pair of clothes and a lang. book were ever i go

mark said...

hhmmmm......lets see....i would want to bring.....

1) a euro pass for unlimited trains

2)soccer ball.....cant go a day with out it

3) one likes a smelly guy

Sarah! said...

1. A picture phone that plays music (HA putting camera music and phone into one)
2. Journal- so i wont forget my experiences, to write down recipes to try, and to sketch cool things i see as im there
3. (hunger for adventure)! a hoodie, i might get stuck in Russia or Antarctica or something. gotta be prepared!

Anonymous said...

If I could only bring three things on my abroad experience it would have to be..

1.My international phone with internet and picture capablilities bakcpack
3.An extra pair of glasses becasue im clumbsy

Kelda said...

I'd love to say 'lots of enthusiasm, fun and good german/language of the country', but everyone else is talking about physical things, so!:

My camera (can't live a day without it)
umm.. -stress! Panic!-
can I stick with just one?

Anonymous said...

1: my black 80GB iPod classic
2: my laptop
3: my camera (sony cybershot 8.3 megapixels--good pics AND videos. i <3 pics too.)

i can deal with language, my dad knows 8 and i know like 3. plus i know a lot of awesome brasilieros ;)

I'm only 13 years old, but my family has been with AFS since 1974 and I can't wait until i can go to Brasil for a year in junior year!!! omg.

Kelda said...

I'd like to add to my list:
1. my camera
2. Feijoas! (they're a fruit by the way)
3. NZ chocolate... mmmmmmmmmmmm....

kelley said...

1. clothes
2. money
3. camera

haha being generic!
plus if i wanted anything else my money could buy it..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

1. my camera
2. my atm card
3. my diary